Pyramid tea bag with envelope packing machine

Pyramid tea bag with envelope packing machine .

Pyramid tea bag with envelope packing machine is our new pyramid (triangle) tea bag with three-side sealing flat envelope packing machine.It is used for the packing of tea leaves,such as green tea, black tea, oolong tea etc.The pyramid bags have good perviousness and perspectivity.Each pyramid tea bag is individually wrapped by envelope for freshness .

  • To adopt pneumatic control system, a simple and compact mechanism.
  • Ultrasound sealing and cutting with high reliability is used on pyramid bag forming system.
  • Provide servo control for precise traction of envelope.
  • It can adjust size of pyramid bag and envelope.
  • It could produce pyramid bags and envelope separately.
  • Volumetric loading mechanism, it can meet customer’s request of measuring precision.
  • A sensing system that follows color mark automatically and ensures printing logo on a proper place.
  • Various heat sealable laminated materials ( Plastic / P.E, Plastic / Foil / P.E).
Technical data.
  • Packing material Food grade non-woven, Nylon filter
  • Size of pyramid 50~80mm (L)
  • Width of packing material 120mm / 140mm /160mm / 180mm
  • Envelope materials Heat sealable laminated materials( Plastic / P.E, Plastic / Foil / P.E)
  • Size of flat envelope 80~110mm (H) ×85~125mm (W)
  • Width of envelope material 160mm / 180mm / 200mm / 220mm
  • Dosage(pyramid) 5~40 cm³
  • Power AC 22V / 50Hz
  • Total power 2KW
  • Air pressure 0.4~0.6MPa
  • Air consumption 200L/min
  • Overall dimension 1.960m×1.110m×2.390m
  • Options 1) Auger feeding device 2) Date printing device

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