Envelope Packing Machine for naked Pyramid Tea Bag

Envelope Packing Machine for naked Pyramid Tea Bag .

Envelope Packing Machine for naked Pyramid Tea Bag offer a new aspect for envelope packing solutions.This machine connect with model DXDC50 as an envelope packing machine.It helps model DXDC50 get pyramid tea bag with envelope.The different kinds of materials packed with envelope,will keep materials in fresh and good taste.It is controlled by PLC,touch screen display,Operating easily.

  • Modular design, both inside and outside independent switching for pyramid tea bag and envelope bag.
  • For a variety of pyramid bag sizes pack in the envelope bag.
  • Pyramid bag jam with alarm stop.
  • With a stack and count output.
  • Machine meet GMP and CE certification requirements.
  • Servo control length of traction and ensures printing logo on a properly place.
Technical data.
  • Envelope dimension (85mm×80mm) (Option),(105mm×100m) (Option),(95mm×90mm) (Standard dimension)
  • Output in a group 5 bags
  • Air pressure 0.6MPa
  • Air consumption 200 L/min
  • Power supply 220V 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Power 2.1KW
  • Envelope materials BOPP20/VM-PET12 / PE40, Paper / P.E, OPP20 / Pearl35
  • Option Date printing device
  • Thickness 55um~90um

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Packing materials

  • Envelope paper : 1400bags/kg Paper/foil/P.E materials.(The different thickness of film, the final quantity is different).
  • Width of roll : 180mm. (PET mesh width:140mm)
  • Customized:Offer print your own artwork with min quantity.