Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine

Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine .

The machine DXDC10 is a kind of automatic tea bag machine for th packing of tea and similar Chinese herbs / Flower tea.It makes double chamber tea bags which are cold-sealed.The machine links up hard label and thread with staple,and the tea bags are pushed out and packed into box manually after counting.The packing materials are non-heat-sealed filter paper,label,thread and staple. .


    Completely automatic tea bag packaging machine for heat-sealed double chamber tea bags with string,hard tag,aluminum staple.It represents the most advanced technical level in the sector.A double chamber tea bag infusion is the great advantage of this machine.It applies to medicine,health,food and other industries 20 meshes to 60 meshes or bulk non-viscidity granular materials,such as CTC black tea,green broken tea,herbals etc.It can achieve double chamber tea bag cold seal forming,auto-complete hard tag,cotton and aluminum staple inside the bag through a reliable connection.The whole working cycle control are achieved by a PLC.The output provide grouped tea bag by a counting device.It represents high performance,reliable quality,easy operation and maintenance,design specifications in the world advanced level. .

Technical data.
  • Max.Dosage :10 cm³ (adjustable)
  • Degree of accuracy: ±5%
  • Bag dimensions: 45mm×60mm or 40mm×60mm
  • Tag dimensions: 28mm×32mm
  • Thread length : 148mm±5mm
  • Size of staple : 13mm (5mm after folding)
  • Volume of hopper: 13dm³
  • Air pressure: 0.6MPa
  • Air consumption: 300L/min
  • Voltage : 3 phases 380V / 3 phases 220V
  • Frequency :50Hz
  • Total power total :10Kw,Max.8 Kw
  • Overall dimension: 3.500m×1.500m×2.400m
  • Net Weight : 4000kg
  • Gross weight:4250kg
  • Option :Envelope packing machine

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Packing materials

  • Filter paper : Non heat sealed filter paper,12.5g/㎡,103mm or 94mm width
  • Tag paper : Paper / P.E, 250g~280g/㎡
  • Aluminum wire : Φ0.5mm
  • The thread should be original cotton thread with 4 strands of No.21 thread wound into cone. This thread should be knotless.
  • Filter paper: 4000bags/kg
  • Tag paper:5500tags/kg
  • Cotton thread: 20000teabags/Roll
  • Envelope paper: 1100 bags/kg
  • Aluminum wire : 7200 bags/kg