Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine

Double chamber tea bag machine of is an auto operating tea bag machine. It can easily do packing of tea and same kind of Chinese herbs as well as flower tea. This machine does the packing of double chamber tea bags that are very often cold sealed. This tea packing machine creates a link between threads and tea labels with the help of a staple. This machine automatically packs tea bags after counting in manual mode. The materials used to create the packets of tea here are paper and filter paper. They are non-heat sealed.

Envelope Packing Machine for Double Chamber Tea Bag Machine

The double tea bag machine,is a device that helps in envelope packing of tea. It is one of the best double tea bag machines and tea packing solutions. We have devised this machine to meet the market demand for machines to do the envelope packing of tea. This machine serves the need of double bag packing. This model offers sealed tea bags in envelopes to meet the demand of customers. While operating this machine you will realize that every individual tea envelope packed by it remains full proof from moist. We print tea envelopes to meet the needs of our buyers.

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Packaging machines are machines that complete stages of the packaging process. Examples include filling machines, sealing machines, wrapping machines, strapping machines, labelling machines and coding machines. Packaging machines have advantages such as reducing labour costs associated and increasing the efficiency of the packaging process through the use of automation. .

  • Reduce packaging costs and save storage costs for loose products
  • Reduce labor and improve working conditions
  • Ensure packaging quality
  • Improve labor productivity
  • Handle specialized requirements